Essentials Case in Oilcloth


A few weeks ago I posted these Essentials Cases, made for a How To’s Day DIY from Camelot Fabrics’ Mixology line. Putting the whole tutorial together was such a breeze that it left me with an itch to make more essentials cases, starting with one in oilcloth for my studio tools. I’ve beenusing the same maroon pencil case since I was about twelve – it was ugly then, and it’s even worse after a decade and a half of use, to the point where I couldn’t cast my eye over my work table without snagging on that drab, indestructible pouch.

So, shortly after publishing my Essentials Cases, I conquered my resistance to throwing something out while it was still entirely functional, and I jetted that maroon case in favour of a white & gold M/M pouch. Here’s the rationalization: my new one is homemade, so it’s totally okay to throw out the old one. Right? Right. On to the specs!

for  •  my studio essentials

from  •  about 1/4 yd of gold-dotted oilcloth (18″ wide) from Camelot Fabrics

notions  •  7″ closed-end zipper

alterations  •  oilcloth instead of fused cotton  |  all one fabric, instead of having contrasting ends.

make it again?  •  I’m absolutely making the flat version of this case as a travel pouch, to replace the ugly striped canvas one I’m currently using. I think see a trend forming here …


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