Dog Days Painting Series


I’m a dog-lover through and through. When we were small, my brother and I learned the names, breeds and characters traits of all the dogs in the neighbourhood, a tradition I’ve carried on to this day. Like any enthusiast, I’ve picked up all kinds of trivia about different breeds and I can tell you what I love about each one. Pick a favourite, though? Impossible.

Over the last few weeks I’ve channeled my love into paintings of some gorgeous (and ugly-cute) breeds. Read on for illustrations, stories, and prints of these lovable doggos.

New in the shop: Dog Days magnets


With the dog days of summer well and truly upon us, I decided it was time to add some pooches to the M/M Etsy shop. Dalmatians, Corgis, French Bulldogs and Golden Retrievers kick off the series, each with their own special appeal and their own camp of admirers. More breeds to come if these sell well!

These magnets are part of a larger series of animal paintings.